Egis India Consulting Engineers

Egis has been present in India for 15 years, initially through Egis BCEOM International with its first project awarded in 1994. The Indian subsidiary initially known as BCEOM India Private Limited came into being in 2005 later got renamed as Egis India Consulting Engineers Private Limited on August 11 2008, consistent with the evolution at the group level.

With its Corporate and Regional Office in NCR , located in Faridabad, Haryana, Egis in India today also has Regional Offices in Hyderabad and Mumbai, Representative offices in Kolkata and Gandhinagar with project offices across more than 20 states in India.

In India, Egis strives to deliver quality infrastructure consultancy services through end-to-end solutions in all sectors, to both public and private clients.  Egis constantly strives for innovation and excellence in the services it delivers to clients, with an emphasis on environment-friendly solutions. Some of the pioneering projects of Egis include zero-energy buildings and waste-to-energy initiatives.  Egis is glad to be part of the infrastructure story in India!

In 2008 EGIS India Consulting Engineers were awarded an ISO 9000:2001 certificate and ensures the ISO quality standards in every aspect of its operation.


Corporate Office at SSR Corporate Park, Faridabad

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