Egis has a truly integrated vision of airports, from strategy to operations. As a global and independent consulting and engineering group Egis can offer strong synergies and fresh ideas to bridge the gap between airports, air traffic management, building and architecture, urban development and all modes of transport infrastructure.

Egis offers airport infrastructure advisory across all value chain of airport development.

On airside, Egis provides advises on infrastructure, facilities, ground equipment & systems, airside capacity & resilience, punctuality & delay optimization techniques, benchmarking of noise / emissions, sourcing of ANS, navigation procedures and Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM).

On terminal side, Egis provides architectural & structural engineering, human factors, equipment & systems, energy performance and building management systems.

On airline operations Egis offers services in route development, pricing / charging policy, traffic forecasts and devising incentive schemes.

On ATC/ATM consulting Egis offers advice on system engineering, Safety / Surveillance and airspace procedures.

On landside, Egis offers services in urban masterplanning, accessibility / Intermodality, land use management, landscaping, utility networks and car park management & systems.



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