Building Engineering

Egis in India possesses the project management and technical expertise to design, develop and direct projects of varying sizes in all building sectors. Egis’s area of competence encompasses devising regional planning schemes, investigating the interaction of built volumes or accounting for a building’s ecological footprint, Egis has an in-depth understanding of all areas concerned by sustainable construction.

The Egis Team works on new constructions as well as on restructuring, rehabilitation and redefinition projects for all types of public and private buildings.

From the setting up of a project and its initial feasibility phases, through its operation and maintenance phases, Egis provides owners, architects and other project stakeholders with the advisory services and engineering expertise required to design and build projects respecting budgets and deadlines, and ensuring sustainable quality. 

Green building design and energy control at the scale of a city, district or a building demand a systemic and innovative approach to services. Egis is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, and our performance and risk management system covers all aspects of the services entrusted to us.

Egis Global Projects