Geospatial Services › 3D modelling

The 3D modelling unit at Egis has been creating models from a wide range of input information like aerial/satellite orthophotos, LiDAR data, photographs taken from ground surveys, multipatch shape files and CAD drawings and create high quality 3D outputs and flythroughs that are extremely realistic.

Egis's 3D experts are capable of providing following services:

  • Interactive 3D visualisations
  • 3D city models (LOD 1, 2 and 3)
  • Building interiors - LOD4
  • 3D Fly-throughs and Walk-throughs
  • Extract 3D features and building models from LiDAR (Airborne, Mobile and Terrestrial – ALS, MTLS & TLS)
  • Photo-realistic 3D visualization with high quality texturing
  • Creation of 3D models using pictometry images, photos and CAD plans
  • 3D visualization of infrastructures, machineries & power stations

Egis's 3D city models help in analyzing the urban issues and implementing new urban infrastructure designs. Apart from this, the Company's 3D visualizations are also used in flood analysis, disaster management, emergency response systems, architectural visualizations, tourism, real estate, security etc.