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Egis has demonstrated its clients its capability in adopting new technologies and providing various solutions with high quality outputs in Airborne Laser Scan (ALS) as well as Mobile Terrestrial Scan data classification and calibration. Egis team has developed customized tools for processing of LiDAR data accommodating ASPRS standards.

Egis's specializations in Airborne LiDAR processing:

  • DTM & DEM - Ground & topographical classifications
  • Feature extractions - advanced classifications (buildings, bridges, vegetation etc.)
  • Hydro studies - Water classification
  • Breakline extraction
  • Airborne LiDAR data measurements & orientations 
  • Laser data calibration
  • Power line generation
  • Ortho photo rectification
  • Contour generation
  • 3D building modeling

Egis is continuously innovating and developing streamlined and seamless automated tools for Mobile Terrestrial Laser Scanning (MTLS) survey and data processing in order to enhance our deliverables that consistently meet international quality standards.

The Company's specializations in Mobile Terrestrial Laser Scanning (MTLS) data processing are:

  • Drive path alignments
  • 2D and 3D feature extraction
  • Extraction of street furniture
  • 3D building modeling

Egis project chain involves flight error corrections, preparation of macros (adapted to landscape, vegetation etc) capable of automatically classifying the data and subsequent manual classification of erroneous data. One of the key strengths of our LiDAR processing team is Egis's experience in a wide range of landscapes and geographic regions around the world, which range from the deserts in Africa, to the marshlands and forests of Australia to farmlands and urban areas in Europe and Eastern Asia.