Egis has highly skilled remote sensing professionals, well experienced in this technology to produce maps for various applications especially in urban infrastructure developments, using high resolution images.

Some of Egis's remote sensing services are:

  • Multi-band resolution merge/ PAN band sharpening
  • Image rectification techniques such as Geo-rectification and Ortho-rectifications etc
  • Land use Land cover Classification
  • Object based classifications
  • Change detection analysis

Egis's remote sensing team is capable of interpreting the satellite images and use sophisticated image processing software for automatic classification to produce land use land cover maps using high resolution and low resolution satellite images.

The Company had successfully completed preparation of base map, Existing land use Map by interpretation of satellite imagery and proposed land use for a city in Rajasthan of 250 km². Egis has produced land occupation mode of European and African cities of almost 15000 km² and 1:500 scale maps of proposed land use for Tripoli which contains around 350 maps.