Egis, full breadth involvement, covering all stages of ports, waterways and coastal development projects. Egis provides expertise from preliminary upstream surveys through to supervision of works.

For marine engineering projects including ports, marine terminals and marinas Egis conducts investigations (economic, legal and financial feasibility studies, development schemes, organisation) and designs structures (dykes, docks, jetties), equipment and information systems.

In the area of waterways engineering, Egis is a recognized expert in navigability studies, master plans, mooring infrastructure, design of river ports and fall structures (dams and locks).

Egis's expertise covers all aspects of coastal development works, including protection against erosion and flooding, coastal hydrodynamics (water renewal, effluent dispersal), creation of man-made beaches and maritime works in connection with waterfront urban developments.

Sustainable Development Focus

Designing future-proof port infrastructure is a way to anticipate climate change, protect biodiversity, help to preserve the ecological balance, promote acceptance by local communities, develop high-quality city/port transport links and ensure flexibility and sustainable operational management.