Road Operations

Egis is a world-wide industry leader in road/ tunnel/ bridge operations, toll collection systems, infrastructure/ equipment(s)/ asset(s) management & maintenance, traffic & safety management, etc.

Egis has inculcated a blend of international exposure and Indian experience to usher the dawn of a new era in road operation & maintenance in India. Egis's major strengths is the understanding of the Indian environment, ability to use the best practices. Egis is determined to offer world-class quality operation and maintenance services on Indian highways.

With Egis's strong understanding of the Indian markets, it has been able to add immense value to its projects in India.

Apart from the specialized Operations & Maintenance services offered in India, the Company also undertakes a range of allied services like: 

1.        Audit of Project Operations & Maintenance covering all scope
2.        Asset Management
3.        OMT projects
4.        Due-Diligence missions
5.        Consulting services (Advisory and Audit services) to optimize operation and maintenance
6.        Turnkey projects on Fixed Operating Equipment (FOE)
7.        Implementation and Management of Central Clearing House
8.        Design and implementation of commercial policies