Urban Development

Egis’s services in Urban Development cuts across multiple scales of development, from planning sub-national regions, city-regions, development plans for new towns, statutory plans for cities, urban design schemes for local areas, integrated urban-design, urban-infrastructure projects for transport and water sectors and landscape design.  

A multi-disciplinary,  integrated team of architects, engineers, ICT professionals, GIS professionals, geographers, statisticians, urban planners and designers comprise the urban development team in Egis. Egis has at its disposal all the skills required for urban and regional planning; urban & landscape design, a comprehensive approach to mobility systems, urban engineering, buildings, urban transport, next generation streets, and much more.

Egis offers a global and sustainable vision of spatial planning as part of its services, from the preliminary study and consultancy phase to project management and operating services to users. Our 600-strong team of engineers, landscapers, registered architects, urban planners, industrial draughtsmen and environmental workers ensures intelligent designs and handles all aspects of layout and planning for the development of peri-urban and rural spaces, including related infrastructure. The use of state-of-the-art technology for decision-making sets Egis’s capabilities apart.

Egis Global Projects