Water and Environment

Egis in India is equipped with the necessary skills & systems to offer global solutions in water management in the country, benefitting millions of people.

Egis team of experts constantly endeavours for the following:

  • Access to drinking water and sanitation to all
  • Prevention of water-related risks
  • Preservation of water resources and aquatic environments
  • Prevention of permanent and accidental pollution
  • Sustainable development of water-related activities (industry, leisure, transportation, etc.)
  • Agro-food production with a limited impact on the environment and the resources

Egis has a strong focus on sustainability:

The activities carried out by the Egis experts are aimed at sustainable development and include a balanced resource management that comprises:

  • Environmental objectives: reaching the 'good status', reducing pollution, preserving wetlands
  • Social objectives: access to water to all and involvement of all stakeholders in the development of a water strategy and in the planning phase
  • Economic objectives: development of economic uses of water while maintaining the good status of the resource 

The fields covered by Egis are as follows:

  • Water Supply including Water Treatment
  • Sanitation including waste Water Treatment
  • Storm Water Drainage including storm Water Treatment
  • Industrial Water Treatment including recycling/ reuse/ zero discharge
  • Irrigation
  • Water Resources
  • Flood Management
  • Barrages and Dams
  • River Beautification
  • River Training

The activities carried out by Egis are as follows:

  • Technical Assistance
  • General Consultancy
  • Project Management Consultancy
  • Feasibility Study
  • Detailed Project Reports
  • Bid Documents Preparation
  • Assistance to Owners for Contracts Signing
  • Design Review
  • Assets Audits
  • Works Supervision
  • Operation Control
  • Assistance during Defect Liability Period

Egis Global Projects