› Infrastructure: one of the largest potential employers in India post COVID 19 era

The government is expected to spend ₹100 trillion towards infrastructure creation in the country, which is will help India achieve the target of $5 trillion economy by 2024-25, as quoted by one of the largest websites in the country. India is seen as an emerging economic superpower. It is expected that many large global companies are on the verge of moving their manufacturing out of China and come to India, enthused by the Make in India campaign of the Government of India. 

When these companies decide to come to India, there will be requirement for additional infrastructure to support their operations. The areas where they set up their factories, will witness huge influx of labour from different parts of the country which will create need for better urban planning that takes care of transportation, sanitation, recreational and habitational needs of the migrant population.

When these factories start producing, they will need transportation facilities for raw material and finished goods in the form of new roads, new rail lines, new ports and new airports.        

In fact, infrastructure, especially road development, will be one of the first sectors that is expected to get government’s investments. These projects help create job man hours for the labour population thereby offering a boost to the economy with benefits to the skilled and unskilled workers.

All the above infrastructure development needs the services of a consultant. Consultants are involved at every stage of the infrastructure development – from feasibility study to final audits and everything in between. Egis is working on Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana in Madhya Pradesh and this project alone has mobilised around 800 people from our workforce.

The biggest challenge for the industry today is: good professionals. The good experienced professionals are in high demand and low supply and therefore consultancies take very good care of their employees. Egis is a people first company and I need to specify that we are very mindful of our policies and engagement activities that help us keep our workforce motivated and engaged. 

So, are you a fence sitter? Wondering whether to join this sector or not? What is the future? I would request you to keep all your worries aside and just choose the part in Infrastructure that interests you most. And you will be getting the opportunity of a lifetime to work on projects shapes the way civilizations live. 

If you have any specific questions that you want to ask me, please leave in the comments section and I will try to respond to you to the best of my abilities.