Consultancy Services for JICA Assisted Delhi water Supply Improvement Project in Chandrawal Water Treatment Plant

Country: INDIA

Region or City: Delhi

Date(s): September/2013 (Start) - September/2021(End)

Duration: 108 Months

Loan No.: Id-P225


Client:    Delhi Jal Board, Govt. of NCT of Delhi

Address: Executive Engineer (Project) Water – II, Delhi Jal Board, Room No.: 502, Varunalaya Phase: I, Karol Bagh, New Delhi – 110005


DJB intends to carry out the projects in Chandrawal WTP command area. This treatment plant was constructed in two phases in the year 1930 (159 MLD = 35MGD) and 1960 (250 MLD = 55 MGD). The total capacity of this treatment plant is 445 MLD (98 MGD), including 36 MLD (8 MGD) from the recycling unit. This plant caters to a population 2.2 million. The various project components proposed by the JICA in this WTP command area are improvement of Water treatment plant, installation of SCADA, new transmission mains as well as replacement of the old one, new distribution pipe and replacement of the old one, non-revenue water reduction, creation of DMAs, replacement of pipes within the DMA, transmission pumps and SCADA in distribution network. Further components of GlS mapping customers meter management in institutional reorganization human resource development and creation of Project Monitoring Unit have been considered in the proposed project cost of Rs 2,265 Crores. One of the objectives is Energy Management through rationalization of system to reduce excessive pumping and 24x7 Water Supply.

Our mission

The main objectives of the consulting services are to assist Project Management Unit of DJB (PMU), which is responsible for the Project implementation in;

  • Overall project management of the Project till the Project completion including formulation of project management plans which would be revised from time to time, planning, detailed designs, monitoring, supervision, reporting, and advice on technical, physical and financial progress and social and institutional matters.
  • Review of Feasibility Study Reports, in particular, designs for packages 1-5 of the project.
  • Preparation of Detailed Project Reports including preliminary design, detailed design, schedule and cost estimation, in consultation with PMU.
  • Preparation of pre-qualification documents, tender documents and reasonability of rate for packages 1-5.
  • Evaluation of submitted pre-qualification documents and preparation of evaluation result reports.
  • Evaluation of proposals of bids and preparation of evaluation result reports.
  • Review of Detailed Design for the Chandrawal water treatment plant (WTP) I & II including SCADA prepared by the contractor(s).
  • Construction Supervision.
  • Strengthening of GIS mapping.
  • Establishment of guidelines for monitoring of non-revenue water reduction.
  • Planning, preparation of annual plans to be approved by JICA on annual basis, and implementation of public outreach programme, including activities on public awareness campaign and promotion of public relation activities of the Project in consultation with public Relation Unit of PMU.
  • Capacity Development.
  • Assist DJB, contractors in preparation of the annual and monthly disbursement plans, preparation of disbursement claims, review of disbursement claims before submission to JICA including monitoring of disbursement under the project.
  • Review Meetings.
  • Liaison with JICA.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the Project including preparation of status reports from time to time.
  • Preparation of project completion reports and related matters thereof.
  • Overseas training