Green Transportation Initiatives at Chandigarh Smart City

Chandigarh Smart City recently announced the introduction of Battery Operated Carts for Elderly and Differently Abled, Sector-17. The project was inaugurated by H.E Shri. V.P. Singh Badnore, Governor of Punjab and Administrator of U.T. Chandigarh on 20th January 2020 in presence of Shri Manoj Kumar Parida, IAS, Adviser to the Administrator and Shri Kamal Kishore Yadav, IAS, Commissioner  Municipal Corporation- Chandigarh.


Chandigarh Green Transportation Initiatives

Chandigarh as a Smart City, has a vision for encouraging public safety and security for the people of the city which is essential to achieve the goal of making the city liveable with a safe transportation system. One of the basic goals is to introduce a model of sustainability and low-carbon mobility options with innovative transportation solutions ensuring last-mile connectivity (through battery operated vehicles, Public Bike Sharing programs), elderly & handicap friendly public spaces. The project ‘Battery operated carts for elderly and differently abled’ has been completed at the cost of INR 0.47 cr. It is envisaged that with the introduction this facility for elderly and differently abled visitors will ease their movement within market area will be further simplified. The aims to provide seamless connectivity in the city centre of sec 17 by substituting it with non- polluting and non-motorized public transport. This service will be more focused in ensuring comfort and convenience to population belonging to certain demographic profile, however, it will play a major role in enhancing the mobility at large in the city centre and a different experience for people visiting sector-17.

Some of the key highlights of the project are mentioned below:

The service of Battery operated carts is free of cost and will help in improving the accessibility in the plaza space for elderly and differently abled and ferry them around the market area based on their requirement. The service hours are from 8.00 AM to 8: 00 PM.

  1. The E-cart vehicles will be plying in plaza spaces in Sec 17. Routes have been identified for operation of battery operated carts considering the footfall, pedestrian network, parking spots and availability of space for operation. Major landmarks covered are Neelam Cinema, Bank square and Multi-Level Car Parking. The frequency of availability of carts for the users is at interval of every 10 minutes in to and fro direction.
  2. The Parking cum Charging station for the carts has been built at Multi-Level Car Parking, Sector-17.
  3. The features in these carts include GPS tracking, LED screen, speakers, magazine holder for information dissemination related to initiatives/ important information by various government institutions.
  4. The carts engaged in this service have safety features such as fire extinguisher, first aid kit and speed governor to regulate the speed of the cart to less than 20 kmph to ensure safety of the pedestrians.

The project is the first of its kind as it introduces the use of battery operated carts as a feeder service in plaza space. Additionally, the project can be scaled up to serve the purpose of feeder services from bus stop to important destinations. Furthermore, the same can be interlinked with CTU services through mobile based applications.