Purvanchal Expressway

Construction activities resumed amidst lockdown

Purvanchal Expressway

Egis is the consultant for the project as the Authority’s Engineer for supervision of Package I to Package IV (164.57 Km).

When the whole country is facing this extended lockdown till  May 17 due to COVID-19 pandemic, with some relaxation, construction activity in some of the infrastructure sector has been opened up. Purvanchal Expressway is one such project.

Construction in all the eight packages of  Purvanchal Expressway is started on entire stretch of 340 Km with the support of State Government, the client UP Expressway and Industrial Development Authority (UPEIDA), and the support of the contractor who has taken care of the basic needs of the construction site workers. This has been made possible by the workers available at site. Team Egis at the site is taking strict precautionary measures like social distancing, wearing masks, sanitization etc. to facilitate the work without exposing the workers at high risk from COVID19.

Presently, more than 5000 workers are working at site in all the eight packages. The strength of workers before the lockdown was 10,000, of which half returned to their native districts due to the COVID 19 threat. 

Team Egis working on the project is fully committed to support the client and the state administration to keep this project running and play its role in kick-starting the economy.