Construction Supervision of NH Project in Tamil Nadu, India

Consultancy Services for Construction Supervision of Domestic-Funded Highway Project of 4-Laning From Km 120 To Km 142, Bypass to Tirunelveli Town from Km 142 To Km 203 of Madurai-Kanyakumari Section of NH-7 in Tamil Nadu

The project objective is to widen a 83-km section (flexible pavement) of the North-South Corridor (NS-42 & NS-43) in the State of Tamil Nadu to 4 lanes with divided carriageway. The project basically comprises of upgradation and construction of 4-lane highways with flexible pavement, flexible overlay over the existing pavement after widening, construction of bridges and culverts, construction of high embankment/ elevated structures etc. along the existing highways including realignment and bypasses.

Tamil Nadu
Date: 09/2005 - 07/2010
Client: National Highways Authority of India (NHAI)

Project overview

The project is divided into the following:

  • NS-42 (TN): 4-laning from Km 120 to Km 142 of Madurai to Kanyakumari section of NH-7 & 4-lane bypass from Km 142 to Km 160 of Tirunelveli to Kanyakumari section (new alignment for Tirunelveli town), NH-7, 40 km, 4-lane, flexible pavement

Bypass details:

  • 20.21 Km (from Km 126/900 – Km 130/600 & from Km 149/600 – Km 169/309)

Major Bridge/ Structure details:

  • No. of Major Bridges/ Structures: 05 nos
  • 4-lane Major Bridge at Km 127/450, Bridge length: 120m, Span arrangment: 12 Spans of (6 X 20)m
  • 4-Lane Major Bridge at Km 129/674, Bridge length: 220m, Span arrangement: 22 Spans of (11 X 20)m
  • Additional 2-Lane Major Bridge at Km 131/168, Bridge length: 90m, Span arrangement: 5 Spans of (4 X 20)m & (1 X 10)m
  • Additional 2-Lane Major Bridge at Km  139/013, Bridge length: 196.5m, Span arragenment:  8 Spans of (7 X 26.2)m & (1 X 13.1)m
  • 4-lane Major Bridge at Km  153/250, Bridge length: 220m; Span arrangement: 22 Spans of (11 X 20)m

 Flyovers : 01 no

  • Flyover at Km 159/000; span arrangement: 18 spans of (7 x 20)m & (2 x 30)m, total length: 200m
  • Minor Bridge: 3 nos
  • Slab Culverts: 14 nos
  • Pipe Culverts: 67 nos
  • ROBs: 6 nos


  • NS-43 (TN) : 4-laning to Km 160 to Km 203 of Tirunelveli to Kanyakumari section of NH-7, 43 km, 4-lane, pavement type: Flexible 

Major Bridge/ Structure details:

  •  Major Bridges/ Structures: 01 no
  • Bridge length: 64.2m, span arrangement (3 x 21.4)m, cast-in-situ T-beam deck slab, well foundation at Km 196/ 834 (Nambiyar)
  • Minor Bridges: 6 nos
  • Box Culverts: 6 nos
  • Underpasses: 6 nos

Our missions

  • Review of Detailed Project Report
  • Construction supervision for proper implementation of the project within the time-schedule
  • Review of concrete & bituminous mix designs
  • Approval of the contractor's work programme, resource allocation and safety precautions, handing over of the site, setting-up of supervisory and quality control systems
  • Quality control and certification of interim payments
  • Preparation of monthly progress reports
  • Preparation of variation orders, as required
  • Checking of as-built drawings
  • Preparation of contract completion reports
  • Certifying payments in respect of quality and quantity
  • Ensuring project planning, monitoring, reporting and financial management
  • Review safety plan & implementation
  • Identifying training needs and preparation of training program
  • On-the-job training and training assessment