Consultancy Services for Major Water Supply Projects in Public Health and Engineering Department (PHED) Rajasthan

Consultancy Services for Supervision during Construction, Third Party Inspection and Quality Control & Assurance of Major Water Supply Projects in PHED Rajasthan

These PHED projects involve laying of water supply pipelines for transmission of water from a surface source to a cluster of villages and towns.

Date: 09/2013-09/2016
Client: Public Health and Engineering Department, Rajasthan

Project overview

The scope of consultancy services broadly includes (a) Construction supervision support and monitoring; (b) Third party inspection of tools & plants, materials & equipment and © Developing quality assurance and control procedures, and their implementation. The key tasks under these services include the following:

  • Review detailed designs and execution drawings
  • Check survey and setting out
  • Review quality assurance and quality control plans & manuals
  • Review work programme and schedule
  • Carry out day-to-day site supervision & quality control works
  • Witness the testing and inspection of materials of construction, machineries and equipment, viz. Third Party Inspection at factories for bought-out items
  • Monitor implementation of quality assurance procedures
  • Monitor Work Plan, identify slacks and slippages, and suggest remedial measures
  • Monitor adequacy of manpower, machinery and other resources to meet targets
  • Co-ordinate review meetings
  • Review various stages of works
  • Ensure the environmental and social covenants are implemented during construction
  • Monitor and assist in getting various permissions related to environmental clearances, forest clearances, tree-cutting permissions, road cut & railway crossing permissions, canal crossings, shifting of utilities, acquisition of land for project purpose etc.
  • Monitor implementation of all necessary precautions and safety measures during construction and before onset of monsoons
  • Assist in IEC activities
  • Generate and compile reports for PHED as required under the contract agreement
  • Assist in any other provisions/ activities included in the EPC contract

Our missions

Rajasthan is an arid state with scarce water availability and hence efficient distribution of water tops the priority for the Government. Egis India is working on this Project to ensure delivery of high-quality services.