Consultancy Services for Preparation of Feasibility Report for Upgradation of Kalewa-Yagyi Road Section in Myanmar

Under the perspective of the Look East Policy (LEP), the Indian Government has laid emphasis on encouraging & enhancing bilateral, multilateral regional trade, commerce, and tourism. The north-eastern region of India, and in particular, Moreh, a border town in the Indian state of Manipur has a great potential to develop as an export hub, linking the rest of India to the south eastern Asian nations. This route has a long history of social, cultural and economic exchanges. Myanmar is source of one-third of India's imports in pulses and one-fifth in timber. India’s main exports to these countries include pharma, machinery, vehicles, plastics and cotton while main imports are pulses, rubber, wood, mineral oil and spices. Thus the opening of this highway is likely to boost trade potential of India, Myanmar and Thailand which at present is largely carried out through sea routes, adding to substantial cost and time.

Sagaing Region
Date: 03/ 2014 - 05/ 2016
Duration: 27 Months
Client: Ministry of External Affairs

Project overview

The highway between Yagyi to Kalewa (Starts at mile post 40/0 at the village of Yagyi and ends at Kalewa at mile 115/ 5 near the Myit Thar river Bridge) is located entirely in the Sagaing region of Myanmar. The road was originally constructed between years 2000-2003 by the Myanmar Corps of Military Engineers. It was opened to traffic in the financial year (April-March) 2003-2004. In 2010-2011, maintenance of the section starting from Monywa to Kalewa length was handed over to the Public Works, Ministry of construction, Myanmar. However, currently the Public Works has granted the maintenance works for the first 40 mile of the road, between Monywa to Yagyi to a private company, Monywa Group Co. Ltd. under BOT system and hence it does not form a part of this project. The remaining section between Yagyi to Kalewa is being maintained by the Public Works, through its, “Airfield Construction Special Unit (3)”.

The Project road passes through hilly terrain between start (mile 40/0) to mile 58/4 and mostly plain/ rolling terrain in the rest of the stretch. The land use is predominantly agricultural and forest. The general condition of road surface is poor and has earthen and gravel top in majority of the length.

Our missions

The main objectives of the consultancy services include:

  • Preparation of Feasibility Report covering designs and drawings, supporting data and details required for the tender for construction.
  • Conducting adequate surveys and engineering investigations for collection and submission of the required supporting data for the detailed designs as per relevant IRC standards / good engineering practice.
  • Value engineering and design optimisation - to suggest most economical design solutions.
  • Preparation of BOQ and Cost Estimates based on designs, drawings and other supporting data
  • Provide support during procurement process