General Consulting Services for Nagpur Metro

Date: June 2016 (Start) - Ongoing
Duration: 48 Months
Client: Nagpur Metro Rail Corporation

Project overview

Nagpur Metro is an elevated corridor of 38.215 km comprising of both North-South Corridor

(Automative Square to MIHAN) and East-West Corridor (Prajapati Nagar to Lokmanya Nagar) having a total of 36 Stations. The NS Corridor includes 17 Stations with 15 Elevated and 2 At-gade stations. The EW Corridor consists of 19 Elevated Stations.

The project is proposed to be funded partly through equity contribution from Government of Maharashtra and Government of India (GOI) and partly through loan from external funding agency for which negotiations are on. The project funding is expected to be supplemented by interest-free subordinate debt from the Government of India and Government of Maharashtra. The NMRCL will be permitted to develop property within the Metro premises to generate funds to supplement the project funding.

Our missions

The objective of this project is to provide General Consultancy (GC) services for procurement, construction, testing and commissioning of complete Nagpur Metro Project including:

  •         All civil engineering structures
  •         Tracks
  •         Signals
  •         Telecom facilities
  •         Automatic Fare Collection
  •         Building Information Management
  •         Multimodal Integration
  •         Traction arrangements
  •         Overhead Catenary transmission
  •         Air conditioning & ventilation
  •         Rolling stock
  •         Car depots
  •         Stations
  •         Operation control centre
  •         Offices
  •         Station integration areas
  •         Bridges, flyovers, elevated and surface sections over the project routes
  •         Integration with other modes of transport etc