GIS Data Modeling and Database Design for 3rd Generation Plans for the Fezzan Region

The economic, social and environmental developments in Libya are based on a long-term procedure called the Generation Planning Project (GPP). The first two GPP covered respectively the terms 1968-1988 and 1980-2000.

Date: August 2008 - September 2009
Duration: 1 year
Client: Engineering Consulting Office for Utilities (ECOU), Libya.

Project overview

Government of Libya has prepared the 3G urban plans for the Fezzan region through Urban Planning Authority (UPA) for the following:

-       3G Urban Plans for the Fezzan Region comprising 57 cities identified

-       Urban and Architectural Charter comprising building bylaws

-       Urban Design for the City Centre of Sabha city

Our missions

The project defined and delivered the following:

-       Mapping Quality Review

-       Assessment of Sector Studies

-       3G GIS Data Modeling and Database Design

-       Field Surveys

-       Cities' Analyses

-       Elaboration of Draft Plans at a scale of 1:5,000

-       Finalisation of 3G Urban Plans