Karnataka State Highways Improvement Project (KSHIP) Phase I – Construction Supervision and Contract Administration

This contract covers the upgradation and periodic maintenance of 664 km of roads divided into ten packages for a total estimated construction cost of USD 125 Million. It aims at improving the existing road, comprising (2 x 1) and (2 x 2) lane sections into a standard (2 x 2) lane carriageway with paved shoulders.

Date: 12/2001 - 02/2007
Client: Government of Karnataka - Public Works Department
Funding: World Bank

Project overview

The ten contract packages are as follows:

  • Package U1 (ICB) : Upgradation of Kalmala - Sindhanur road (77 km, 30 months)
  • Package U2 (ICB) : Upgradation of Sindhanur - Munirabad road  (78 km, 30 months)
  • Package U3 (ICB) : Upgradation of Hattigudur - Bidar road (189 km, 48 months)
  • Package U5 (ICB) : Upgradation of Makthal - Kalmala road (31 km, 24 months)
  • Package U4 (NCB) : Upgradation of Bijapur - Tikota road (20 km, 10 months)
  • Package M2 (NCB) : Rehabilitation/ Major Maintenance of the Tikota - Athani road (43 km, 16 months)
  • Package M3 (NCB) : Rehabilitation/ Major Maintenance of the Athani - Shedbal road (50 km, 14 months)
  • Package M4 (NCB) : Rehabilitation/ Major Maintenance of the Shedbal - Sankeshwar road (56 km, 22 months)
  • Package M12 (NCB): Rehabilitation/ Major Maintenance of the Sinshanur - Lingsugur road (52 km, 20 months)
  • Package M13 (NCB): Rehabilitation/ Major Maintenance of the Lingsugur - Hattigudur (68km, 22 months)

The works consist of the following:

  • Initial road maintenance and pavement rehabilitation
  • Earthworks
  • Removal of existing distressed pavement and/ or replacement of sub-grade
  • Reconstruction of flexible pavement foundation consisting of Granular Sub-Base  and Wet Mix Macadam
  • Construction of base and surfacing with bituminous materials (Dense Bituminous Macadam and Bituminous Concrete)
  • Construction of paved and unpaved shoulders
  • Provision of traffic signs, road markings and other road safety measures
  • Monitoring of environmental protection measures as per the Environmental Management Plan
  • Rehabilitation/ dismantling and reconstruction of 137 major & minor bridges and 422 culverts
  • The works also include the rehabilitation of 68 major & minor bridges and 250 culverts under major maintenance packages

Our missions

The services mainly consist of work supervision as the "Engineer", for the rehabilitation and upgradation of 664 km of State Highways:

  • Review of detailed designs
  • Upon commencement of works, approve the contractor's work programme, resource level and safety measures, handing over of the site, setting-up of supervisory and quality control systems
  • Works supervision, including quality control and certification of interim payments
  • Preparation of monthly progress reports
  • Preparation of variation orders, as required
  • Inspection of the works at substantial completion, supervision of outstanding and repair works and issuance of completion certificates
  • Preparation of as-built drawings
  • Preparation of final bills and contract completion reports