Preparation of Development Plan for Greater Mumbai (2014-2034)

The MCGM had taken up the work of revision of the Development Plan (DP) for Greater Mumbai for the period 2014-2034 by commissioning the services of Egis in India. The process laid down in the MR & TP Act involves both procedural and administrative actions, as well as technical planning tasks. The DP for Greater Mumbai 2014-34 is a statutory plan mandated to be revised every 20 years.

Date: 05/2011-05/2015
Client: Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai

Project overview

  • Field surveys
  • Cities analyses
  • Assessment of sector studies
  • GIS data modeling and database design
  • Updating of existing landuse based on field surveys
  • Revision of landuse plan
  • Revision of development control regulations
  • Formulation of investment plan, implementation mechanisms, and framework for monitoring

Our missions

To create an inclusive and sustainable Master Development Plan for the mega city of Greater Mumbai.