Purvanchal Expressway

For the development of remotest eastern region, Uttar Pradesh Government has decided to develop the Purvanchal Expressway from State Capital (Lucknow) to the Eastern Region via Azamgarh. This Expressway, post completion would not only connect the Eastern region of the state to the state capital, but also connect to the National Capital.


Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Date: Commencement: September 2018
Duration: 30 Months
Client: Uttar Pradesh Expressway Industrial Development Authority (UPEIDA)

Project overview

The Purvanchal Expressway, is planned to offer a convenient mode of Transportation between the Eastern boundary of the State and the National Capital via State capital. This Expressway is expected to pass through other similar Expressways in the State viz. 'Agra to Lucknow Expressway’ and 'Yamuna Expressway' and offer better connectivity, both  intra and interstate.

Being an Access Controlled Expressway, it would provide benefits like fuel saving, time saving and control in Pollution level, along with reduction in accidents.

The areas covered by this Expressway would be benefited in Social & Economical way. The Agriculture, Commerce, Tourism and other industrial development will also get a fillip.

Industrial Training Institutes, Educational Institutes, Medical Institutes, New Townships and other various commercial set ups shall be developed, especially near the Expressway, which will result into more opportunities for employment in the region. The overall social/ economic development in the state will get a boost.

The proposed Expressway will prove to be a catalyst for development of the region and State.

The proposed Purvanchal Expressway getting connected with existing Agra-Lucknow Expressway shall become a vast industrial corridor connecting Eastern boundary to Western boundary of the state which will result into overall development of the State.

Our missions

The Scope of Works is broadly divided into two phases:

  1. Construction Phase (including design review/ development stage)
  2. Maintenance Phase

Construction Phase (Design Review/ Development Phase)

Egis, as the Authority Engineer, would review all activities associated with detailed design and design review including the geotechnical and Hydrological investigations, characteristics of materials from borrow areas and quarry sites, topographical and traffic surveys, Construction methodology, environmental plan including landscaping & tree plantation, Quality Assurance procedures along with procurement, engineering and construction schedule and subsequently send the comments/ observations. The Authority Engineer would also review drawings sent by the Safety consultant and review safety report and provide the comments.

Construction Stage (Supervision)

Egis - the Authority Engineer, along with the allocated man power would inspect the Construction works at regular intervals and milestones inclusive of various micro and macro project activities and therefore conformity of construction works as per Specifications, Standards and Concession agreement. Authority Engineer will also provide necessary reports related to site inspection, progress and financial monitoring. Determine costs, time extension and assist the parties in resolving disputes in accordance with the CA.

Maintenance Stage

During Maintenance phase, the Consultants shall review Maintenance manual prepared by Contractor, particularly w.r.t routine & periodic maintenance of repairs of carriageway, frequency for repair to equipment, pavement, Bridges, structures cleaning, replacement of equipment maintenance of Road side facilities, maintenance of Horticulture, arboriculture arbitration, HTMS management etc, including review & approval of plan of the Contractor, Consultants shall undertake the audit to the Traffic planning on the road once a month, to have a control & Check over all maintenance operations. Accident shall be recorded & reviewed for Suggesting remedial measures.