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29 April 2015

Chennai, Kochi Metro Projects to Complete by 2016

Economic Times has published a quote of Mr. Nicolas Jachiet, Chairman and CEO, Egis Group, during his recent visit to India in April 2015.


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23 April 2015

Smart Cities, 'Make in India' and Egis

In an interview with, Egis Group Chairman, Mr. Nicolas Jachiet, talks about plans on Smart Cities, how the Group intends to support 'Make in India' campaign and speaks about the projects of Egis in India.


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23 April 2015

Egis Group is excited about SmartCities and ‘Making in India' - Construction Sphere

In an interview by Construction Sphere , Nicolas Jachiet talks about the potential of India and its attractiveness for the development of innovative projects. The Egis CEO hints as well on the projects lead so far by the Engineering Group in the country which aim at “making Indian infrastructure at par with global standards”.



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05 January 2015

Infrascape 2015

Views of Mr. Ashish Tandon, MD of Egis in India, on the Infrastructure sector in India for the year 2014 and 2015.  "The year 2015 looks very promising for the entire infrastructure sector. Some major government initiatives like the announcement of 100 smart cities are extremely positive for the sector and are sure to drive long term growth."

12 December 2014

Egis engaged to design the prestigious India-Myanmar-Thailand highway

The highway was conceptualised at the Trilateral Ministerial Meeting on Transport Linkages in Yangon in April 2002 and was visualized as a Highway of Opportunity and Friendship that would facilitate not just the movement of goods and services, but also of people and ideas. To take this opportunity to the next level of implementation, the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, has ired Egis in India to prepare a Feasibility Report for the upgradation of the road section, and to propose suitable designs, technical schedules, cost estimate of the project, and prepare Bid Documents. Subsequently, MEA intends to call a tender to select the agency for implementation of the construction.

The proposed route of the Trilateral Highway starts from the Indo-Myanmar border at Moreh in Manipur, India, and passes through Tamu, across the border in Myanmar, to reach Mae Sot in Thailand (Thai-Myanmar Border) after traversing through several towns and villages in Myanmar.

The Egis in India team is proud to be associated with this prestigious project.

12 December 2014

Egis hired by Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, for the prestigious India-Myanmar-Thailand trilateral highway

Egis in India is very happy to announce that Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, has hired Egis as the consultant for the project. This is an ambitious project that aims to connect three developing countries in Asia - India, Myanmar and Thailand, resulting in facilitating trilateral trade in the tune of ~USD 50 billion. Egis in India, is proud to be a part of this magnanimous project.

11 December 2014

For Egis, CSR is a way of life

Mr. Ashish Tandon, MD, Egis in India, in a heart-to-heart discussion with CSR Vision magazine, shares how the principles of CSR are ingrained in the DNA of Egis. The article covers some of the global and local initiatives of Egis and the vision of the Company on CSR in India.

The article also highlights the processes & practices applied by Egis in CSR activities and stresses on the personal interest & involvement of the leadership team.  

11 December 2014

Egis in India aims to be amongst the top three consultants offering end-to-end solutions in infrastructure and project management in India

Mr. Tandon, MD, Egis in India, talks to CECR Magazine about the achievements of the Company in India in the last two decades, especially in 2014. He also shares his vision for the Company in the short and long term. The article talks about the emerging infrastructure sectors in India that will be driving growth in the coming years and the opportunities & threats faced by the sector.


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